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Peloton Live Streams Spinning Classes

PelotonHeroImageMod_Comp_001We’re used to the idea that a bicycle can take us places we want to go, but a stationary bike that brings you to a live class without ever moving an inch from your living room is a bit new. Peloton’s network-connected fitness bike with a 22-inch interactive touch-screen display does just that. In addition, you can take a variety of scenic rides in the comfort of your own home with a large video on-demand library. All this is driven by multi-camera live production of classes and events ten times daily from Peloton’s New York City studio.

Peloton tablet UI display during a live class. Click to enlarge.

The display on the bike allows Peloton to couple intense media publishing and community components to the in-home user experience. Exercise programs on home equipment often fizzle out quickly as a lonely enterprise; bringing live social aspects to up-to-now individual activities can turn around the ability to maintain them, and is a new model that could benefit a lot of vendors.

A Peloton Facebook page post showcasing a new ride video. TriCaster can publish to social media during a live production.

A Peloton Facebook page post showcasing a new ride video. TriCaster can publish to social media on-the- fly during a live production.

In addition to the combination of live classes, on-demand classes and “ride” videos, Peloton adds both popular and custom social media to the available mix. Peloton riders can keep up with community news via Facebook and Twitter feeds, and can compete with themselves or anyone who has taken a given class or ride via the online stats that riders can share with Peloton. The Peloton rider’s engagement opportunity is also extended with live and on-demand classes for pre- and post-ride routines, and fitness classes in addition to spinning, including yoga.

Panasonic AW-HE130 robotic cameras controlled from a TriCaster 460 cover the studio action.

Panasonic AW- HE130 robotic cameras controlled from a TriCaster 460 integrated live production system cover the studio action.

The classes are produced live with the NewTek TriCaster 460 integrated live production system, and Panasonic AW-HE130 PTZ robotic cameras. The setup has been in place for about a year, and uses SDI cabling to connect the cameras to the TriCaster. NewTek and Panasonic have since collaborated to enable these cameras for NewTek NDI® operation, and to create the NewTek AutoLink application to make it easy for TriCaster and NewTek IP Series production systems to acquire the signal and to control these cameras over IP, so these days TriCaster and the cameras could simply be added to the facility’s network, with no need for heavy dedicated video cabling.

In a live production workflow of this type, TriCaster and NewTek IP series offer several capabilities that enhance content monetization. The final mix can be output both branded and unbranded. Both of these outputs can also be simultaneously recorded by the TriCaster with Advanced Edition software or NewTek IP Series. The branded output is then available instantly for on-demand use just as soon as the live event is over, and the unbranded content is available for rebranding and re-use opportunities. TriCaster and IP Series can also publish stills and clips to social media on the fly during live production, which can help to attract additional audience to join the current event, offer alternative engagement to community members who can’t join the event, and help grow the community for future events as well.

For a look at the Creative Planet Network profile of Peloton’s studio, read Peloton Streams Live Fitness Classes.

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