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Changing the Default Browser on a TriCaster® Advanced Edition System

September 16, 2019 by Kane Peterson

One of the steps needed in order to stream to a given social media network is to use a web browser to connect to the service, and set up your account to receive and display the live stream. These networks frequently update the requirements and procedures to do such live streaming. In some cases this may mean that only certain specific web browsers can be used to access their streaming service setup interface. For example, TriCaster users streaming to YouTube via the YouTube Studio current at the time of this writing reported that they needed to be able to use a browser other than the default on their TriCaster system, in order to connect with the new version of YouTube Studio.

TriCasters equipped with Advanced Edition software are capable of dealing with such situations; the user can install an alternative browser, set that as the system default browser and the TriCaster will use that default browser. Among the workable options in this case was FireFox. The steps to install FireFox would be:

  • Exit the TriCaster to Windows.
  • Download and install FireFox
  • Depending on your OS version:
    • Go to the Start menu, open Windows Settings Panel / Apps
    • Go to the Start menu and open Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall
  • Locate Mozilla Maintenance Service and Uninstall, so that TriCaster will start with no warning messages
  • Set FireFox as the default browser
  • Return to the TriCaster software. Firefox should now open when using the Web Browser button in the Streaming panel or the button found in the Notification Center

Standard Edition TriCasters do not open a full web browser when using the button from the Streaming panel. The web interface shown is always going to be Internet Explorer.

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