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Improve your XSplit Experience with NewTek NDI®

January 11, 2018 by Chuck Baker

Social video enthusiasts, especially those involved in esports, increasingly want the best traditional broadcast production values for their channels - layered video, graphics, chroma keying, high resolution and high frame rate. But they don’t want to move from their familiar networks and computers to traditional “big-iron” dedicated video production hardware and cabling, video matrix routers, and old-standard video signal formats to get that.

XSplit provides live streaming and live production platforms that are easy to use and geared very tightly to gaming social video, and they have millions of users for their Gamecaster and Broadcaster products. XSplit became an early adopter of NewTek NDI® for their products; NDI is a royalty-free IP technology that is bidirectional, transports media with complete independence for resolution and format, as well as metadata and communications.

Adopting this technology that is revolutionizing how video is produced across the industry made XSplit Broadcaster and Gamecaster part of an ecosystem of hundreds of NDI-enabled products in the hands of millions of users. These products can all sense one another automatically as soon as they activate NDI, use one another as media sources, and each be a media destination as well.

XSplit Broadcaster, NewTek NDI, NDI controls

XSplit produced the video tutorial about how to to use NDI in their Broadcaster product. In the image immediately above you can see that either menu option can be reached with a single mouse move and one click. From the Output tab just click on the ‘Enable NewTek NDI Output’ option. From the Sources tab, move to ‘Other’, glide across and move on the pulldown list to ‘NewTek NDI Stream’, and then glide across to the next pulldown and select from the streams that show as available.

In the featured image that tops this article, you can see that the ‘Enable NewTek NDI Output’ control (circled) is a simple checkbox toggle in the Settings tab Game Capture section, in the GameCaster product. Again, one simple click and you are streaming NDI over your network.

In addition, XSplit have produced a tutorial for their blog about how to use other products that support NDI as sources for graphics and content. The blog entry covers the following scenarios:

  • How to make Gamecaster installations on multiple systems visible to a Broadcaster installation via NDI, in order to stream multiple players on your social video channel
  • How to enable NewBlueFX Titler Live Broadcast to provide network-quality 3D motion graphics to an installation of XSplit Broadcaster via NDI.

You can see in the video, the image and the article that the process is as simple as one or two menu selections within each product. So, NDI is very simple to use; yet the result can be a major step up in the quality of a channel producer’s content, with a significant savings in equipment and costs that used to be required to accomplish that level of production. That step up can grow your following and your revenue.

The cameras that can help in upgrading production quality can also be NDI-capable, with the entry of NewTek Connect Spark HDMI-to-NDI and SDI-to-NDI converters. Connect Spark can use either wired or wireless networks, allowing more freedom in easily adding and placing additional cameras.

Read the complete article at the XSplit blog: Improving your XSplit Experience with NewTek NDI

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