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Mastering Virtual Sets Part 4: Using Virtual Set Editor for Multi-layer Effects

September 10, 2019 by Don Ballance, video; Chuck Baker, text

The technology that makes the unique multi-angle TriCaster LiveSets possible also can be used to add production value to the stories you tell with multi-layer effects, including double- and triple-box effect compositions. A number of multi-box effects templates are included in the Virtual Set Editor (VSE) content. These can be used as is simply by exporting them to the TriCaster, or they can be customized to your purposes and then exported.

These templates each contain multiple layers that are available to assign to inputs, which can include live camera input or video, images and animations from the media and graphics players in TriCaster. You can also directly load images into layers in the VSE. The layers support alpha channel with any of these types of content.

Virtual Set Editor content requester windows with the multi-layer effects projects circled.

In this video, Don Ballance shows us the following:

  • VSE content includes a variety of multi-box effects templates, recognizable by the red and blue backgrounds of the thumbnails
  • These templates can be modified; a double-box effect project is loaded up to show this
  • The left and right boxes in this project are positioned and rotated so that they appear to be facing one another at an angle, and are set to show Input A and Input B, respectively
  • The boxes are moved and rotated to place one upper left and one lower right, both directly facing the virtual camera
  • Each project has two background layers. One of these layers could be assigned Input C on a TriCaster system that supports more than two layers
  • In this project, one background layer is active and contains an image
  • We turn on the other background layer and load an image into that layer. This covers the other background layer, but we can adjust the opacity of the frontmost background layer and let the layer behind show through
  • This project also has two foreground layers, and these can also used for compositing purposes
  • The foreground layers are each activated, and then sized and positioned to use to add images that contain text for names or labels below the boxes
The original multi-layer project as loaded in Virtual Set Editor.


The multi-layer project after all modifications in Virtual Set Editor.

The result is a multi-layer composition with video, images and text, and yet we have still have not used the keyers in TriCaster - they remain available for other uses.

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