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Quick Tip: Gaining Academic Support for Sports Video Programs

June 30, 2015 by Chuck Baker

Mark Fratto of Linacre Media helped build dynamic sports video programs at St. John’s University and the University of Maryland. Both schools now live-streams hundreds of games, events and shows per year (some are broadcast on ESPN3) and each enjoys broad support within their respective universities.

What opportunities do sports video programs offer other departments and students?

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Beyond engaging students, parents, alumni and regional communities and stimulating new revenue and fundraising streams, solid sports video programs at universities provide benefits in other ways. Journalism, Media and Communications, the Business School and even Art and Design departments can provide their students with a variety of practical experiences.

First, there is video production in two environments:

  • Field:

    • Games and events
    • Content production for video scoreboard and video fascia
    • Press conferences
    • Between-game coverage from the practice field and fieldhouse
  • Studio:

    • Coach’s Show
    • Pre- and Post-game shows
    • Highlight Shows
    • College news station sports reports and sports shows

Both environments need:

  • Camera Operators
  • Technical Directors/Operators for:

    • Video switching
    • Instant replay and slow motion
    • CG and Graphics
    • Score and Statistics
  • Designers for on-air graphics and text
  • Reporters
  • On-air Commentators
  • Video Editors
  • Production managersOther opportunities are:

6-30-2015 1-11-43 PM

  • In the studio, students can learn all the basics of television production: lighting, sound, editing, graphics and effects, and the use of green screens and virtual sets.
  • The University can also provide the Business School a practical learning experience by including students in the recruiting of sponsorships and advertising and the financial management of the video program.
  • Journalism and Graphic Design students can cooperate to design and create program books and other marketing and publicity materials, including video materials.

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