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Setup of NewTek Connect Spark and Use with WireCast

October 07, 2017 by Chuck Baker

“I will be using this in all my video efforts from now on…” – Jeffrey Powers

Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine provides a tour of NewTek Connect Spark video-to-NewTek-NDI® converter features and setup. Additionally, he shows how to add and configure Spark’s NDI video source in WireCast – or any other NDI®-aware production software or system, for that matter. Once you have your camera on and attached to Spark, and the Spark on and attached to a 1Gb or better network, any NDI-enabled system will see it as a selectable source on its video sources menu.

Powers recommends that users devote a dedicated 1Gb Ethernet LAN to the video production suite to ensure that there isn’t other traffic to compete with and potentially slow down network sources such as the Spark. In particular, if you want to use the wireless option, a dedicated wireless router is a wise choice to ensure performance. Competition for bandwidth can increase latency and/or the compression applied to the video by Spark to preserve the required frame rate. (We would note that these are prudent recommendations for any production environment operating on an IP workflow.)

Powers recounts that while some of his cameras have IP options, none were previously able to deliver a signal at what he considered a usable quality. As he demonstrates in this video with a side-by-side comparison of the camera signal via baseband and via Spark’s NDI|HX technology, the quality of the image is visibly the same, and when additional compression is necessary, the image gently softens progressively, remaining usable.

He discusses how Spark will allow him to place more cameras using just network cables and equipment. He’s considering putting a GoPro camera in a corner of the ceiling to provide an overview shot as one source, using Spark’s wireless option for complete freedom of placement.

Enjoy the tutorial!

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