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TriCaster® Advanced Edition 3 Demo

February 12, 2019 by Kane Peterson and Chuck Baker

NewTek Workflow Engineer Kane Peterson provides a demo of the latest advancements available for TriCaster® users in the TriCaster Advanced Edition version 3 upgrade. New interface options provide the easiest ever entry to operating a professional quality video production switcher. These include the new Express modes for the interface, plus new abilities to control switching and audio levels in the Multiviewer monitors, both with the mouse and with touchscreen.

Touchscreen monitor control for TriCaster Advanced Edition version 3

Highlights of TriCaster Advanced Edition version 3 include:

  • Prise en charge d'écran tactile
  • Mode condensé
  • LiveMatte Pro
  • Commandes de la console COMP
  • Increased PTZ Capacity
  • PTZ Control Panels
  • High-Bitrate MP4 Recording
  • Enregistreurs externes
  • Séquences de replay externes
  • Commandes de la console des playlists
  • Presets de données
  • Modèles pour titres sportifs
  • Exportation de titres
  • Monitoring évolutif
  • Commandes buffer
  • Switching des sources
  • Gestion des couches
  • Configuration Menu
  • Grouping Configuration
  • Menu Nesting
  • Consoles de configurations intelligentes
  • Curseurs de volume pour écran multivues
  • Commandes de transport pour écran multivues
  • Hardware-Based Encoding
  • Centre de notifications
  • Compteur de notifications
  • Notifications prioritaires
  • Page web de l'appareil
  • General Enhancements

TriCaster Professional Line Product Family, 8000, 460, 410, Mini

Most TriCaster 8000, 860, 855, 460, 455, 410, and Mini models are compatible with Advanced Edition v3. Certain TriCaster models may not be compatible, and if your TriCaster has Internet access you can connect to the TriCaster Advanced Edition product page listed below and click the available button to test your TriCaster for compatibility. If your TriCaster is not compatible, check with your reseller on NewTek’s upgrade paths to a compatible TriCaster.

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