Amitrace Pizza Lunch & Learn Webinar

Amitrace Pizza Lunch & Learn Webinar - Amitrace YouTube Page - 16 February 2018

Amitrace Pizza Lunch & Learn Webinar

Amitrace is hosting its first ever pizza lunch and learn webinar in which they’ll be hosting an online learning session about IP workflows through their YouTube page while also delivering two Pizza Hut pizzas right to your door to enjoy during the session.

Webinar Topic: How to Add an IP Workflow to your Current TriCaster. (bold this line) Anyone who has an interest in getting the most out of their TriCaster by adding NewTek NDI® (Network Device Interface) to your existing workflow and learning more about the capabilities of IP distribution and NDI® should attend!

Get Your Free Pizzas: (bold this line) In order to qualify for your pizza delivery, you must sign up with a viable email address before the deadline of February 9th! After you sign up, Amitrace will send an email asking for a details of your order. From there we just need you to attend the webinar hosted on our Youtube page and you’ll get to enjoy delicious pizza while also learning more about IP distribution!

If you do not provide a valid email address and mailing address, you will not be able to get your pizza. Please make sure both of these are correct before submitting.

All pizza orders must be received by February 9th. Any pizza orders placed after February 9th will not be processed in time for the event.

Amitrace YouTube Page

Friday, February 16, 2018
11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

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