NewTek NDI IsoCorder (Free)

Expand your multi-channel recording capabilities to capture more productions, media files, and raw footage with powerful source capture using NDI® technology. Install this free app on any network-connected workstation for multi-channel ISO recording of NDI sources. NewTek IsoCorder encodes video in a high-quality QuickTime format that is universally compatible with practically any platform or application, and allows for virtually unlimited remote ISO recording with suitable storage media and capacity.

Rest easy knowing your shows and sources have been recorded and safely stored in high-quality formats that can be read by nearly any application as recorded video files.

NewTek IsoCorder supports capture and still image grabs of up to two NDI® sources, and includes stereo audio control and independent or group control of recorders.

Simply fill out the form for access to the NewTek IsoCorder production application. You’ll receive a notice with a link to download the application, and will also receive valuable information via email as the NDI network continues to grow.

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Utilisez des fonctionnalités vidéo professionnelles supplémentaires grâce au NewTek IsoCorder Pro.

Fonctionnalité IsoCorder Pro IsoCorder
Recording Channels (maximum) 16 2
Single- and Multi-channel Recording Control Oui Oui
Audio I/O 8-Channel Stereo
Per-channel Audio Level Control Oui Oui
Headphone Audio Monitoring Oui Oui
Enregistrement d'images fixes Oui Oui
Dual-monitor Support Oui Non
Waveform/Vectorscope Oui Non
Correction des couleurs Oui Non
Balance des blancs Oui Non
Auto-Color Oui Non
Overlays (VU's, Title Safe, 4:3, Checkerboard Center Cross) All VUs Only

Configuration minimale requise

  • 64-bit Microsoft® Windows 7 operating system (OS) or better
  • Intel i5 Sandy Bridge CPU or better with integrated GPU (NVIDIA discrete GPU, with 2GB video memory or better recommended)
  • Mémoire système de 8 GO
  • Connexion gigabit ou plus rapide
  • Stockage local, externe ou partagé afin d'accueillir le nombre de canaux d'enregistrement et la capacité souhaités (vitesse d'écriture de 20 Mo/s par canal ; stockage à haute vitesse recommandé)
  • Affichage avec une résolution écran de 1024 x 768 ou plus

CPU plus rapide, mémoire supplémentaire et GPU plus conséquente recommandés pour des performances optimales.

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