TriCaster Workflow - Sports + Education

MVP video for every league.

You work hard to win championships, fans, coverage, and sponsorships. Take your team’s video production to the big leagues too. Portable to take to Pee Wee league games. Simple operation for student-managed productions. Sophisticated presentations for sports cable networks with millions of viewers. TriCaster gives you network style with multiple camera angles and professional visual effects to transition between them. Broadcast live. Stream to the Web, Record the game for later viewing. Or do it all. All at once.


And for the trifecta: include graphics for player and game stats, dazzle with video bios or highlights, even add a computer source to the visual presentation and invite online viewer interaction. Impress your fans. And maybe even the scouts.

Experience higher learning.

More opportunities. No compromises. Fuel students’ curriculum (and your school’s video production), affordably. The same technology that powers network broadcasts and global webcasts is at your fingertips. Portable and easy to operate. Produce student-focused programming. TriCaster helps pupils and educators create enhanced, engaging experiences. Classroom or auditorium. Lecture hall or stadium. A simple camera feed (or several) will capture the newscast, ceremony, performance, or other special event. One push of a button, and it's on projector, screen, and Web.


Extra credit: Add to the production by using built-in functions to include pre-recorded video. Or include graphics and student artwork. You can even show a computer display to expand your visual resources. Record the occasion for distance learning, fundraising, and student portfolios. Now watch their opportunities soar.

Want to know more about NewTek live production workflows? Take a look at how TriCaster fits in broadcast and webcast, government media, house of worship and live venue workflows.


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