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Every day, we work closely with a range of developers who strive to create compelling workflows for TriCaster® and 3Play customers. The NewTek Developer Network represents a growing ecosystem of companies and products. Many organizations are developing and integrating their applications through our SDK program. Through these developers, NewTek customers benefit continuously from new products and workflows, and experiencing greater value through a breadth of additional functionality.

Shared Storage Opens Doors For TriCaster and 3Play Customers

The once well-defined lines separating video production from
post-production have blurred, creating a situation in which tools central to successful live production are being integrated with technology more often associated with the post realm. As a result, technical directors, editors, graphics specialists, replay operators and others are seeking solutions that more tightly integrate technologies to meet their real-world workflow demands than fall into some neat, well-defined category within a theoretical video universe that doesn’t exist today.

Solutions pour les développeurs